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Stack Harmony

Marketers need many tools, but so often those tools work together imperfectly, if at all. We’ve put everything you need to drive growth into a single, deeply integrated marketing stack. Each product works beautifully on its own, but together they offer exceptional power and functionality. We call this Stack Harmony.


With Altitude, your reporting and analytics are already enhanced with verification data. But to truly understand your customer, fraudulent impressions from botnets, hijacked devices, malicious publishers, and other sources need to be expunged from your customer journey and KPIs.

Add Forensiq to your product mix and you’ll get the event level risk scores and reason codes behind any non-human traffic or unwanted domain/app placements, so you can block and remediate bad traffic sources at the placement level.

With Radius, you can already compare each partner’s performance against another’s, across a variety of metrics. You can also compare your overall partner program to other marketing channels at the aggregate level.

Add Altitude and you’ll see how your partners compliment or compete with other individual media vendors, ads, and even paid search keywords. Partners will also be included in your full customer journey insights and attribution modeling at every level of granularity. This depth of analytic capability will ultimately let you see the full incremental value of each partner, ad, and tactic; find synergies across your marketing teams; and fully optimize every aspect of your buyer’s journey.

You can already see and analyze detailed performance for each of your partners on Radius. But if you have a large program with an abundance of longtail partners, you can’t always trust that clicks, leads, or app installs are legit; or if some partners are stealing credit for someone else’s work.

Add Forensiq and you’ll see fraud risk scores (with specific reason codes) for each of your partner conversions. This invaluable information lets you remove any bad actors from your program and focus your budget on true partners.

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