Impact Talent

Impact Talent

Connect directly with a global platform of advertisers through the Impact marketplace and gain direct access to your data through APIs or our full suite of performance reporting. Our transparent platform rewards conversions across retail sales, travel bookings, lead generation, clicks, app installs, downloads, and even calls from web, mobile, TV, print, and radio.

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Comprehensive tracking lets you earn revenue through retail sales, travel bookings, lead generation, clicks, mobile or web app installs, downloads and calls across web, mobile, TV, print & radio.

Automated Contracting

A customizable & streamlined contracting process makes it easy to agree on the right terms for your business and begin working with brand partners right away.

Exclusive Promo Codes

Brands offer exclusive promo codes to their valued partners. You get credit for the conversion, even if another website or partner promotes your unique code.

Product Catalogs

Promote individual products within your content or across your site by simply pasting a snippet of HTML code, the same way you would a traditional banner ad.

Global Marketplace

Expand your business by working with brands around the world. Simple search features, clearly visible terms and exposed contact information make it easy to find new brand partners.

Direct Linking

There’s no need to implement a tag on your site. This means you can start working with your brand partners right away without any technical fuss.

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