Impact Talent

Impact Talent

You need a platform that gives you the flexibility
and data intelligence to build and optimize
your influencer program.

You need an easy way to build and manage your influencer relationships: to contract and pay influencers according to the unique value they bring to your program, to measure their ability to impact sales, and to optimize your overall campaigns. The Impact platform handles all these tasks with ease.

Build, manage, and optimize your influencer program with easy workflows and maximum flexibility.

Payout Flexibility

Commission influencers based on their position in the conversion path or any number of custom parameters and your choice of special terms.

Direct Relationships

Contract directly with your influencers, however you need to. After all, you own the relationships; our platform simply facilitates them.

Gauge Influencer Value

Leverage insights to learn which influencers contribute the most (and least) to overall sales, so you can allocate your time, effort, and budget accordingly.

Case Study

RitzCamera Shifts Crediting Strategy for their Influencers

RitzCamera intuitively knew that bloggers and other influencers were contributing to their brand, but believed their value was being obscured by the last click from coupon sites. They looked to their agency, All Inclusive Marketing (AIM), for tangible insight.

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Grow and Optimize Your Influencer Program

Find out how Impact can help you maximize every marketing dollar.

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