Impact Talent

Impact Talent

Brands increasingly lean on the expertise of performance agencies to grow and manage their customer acquisition programs. And they look to media agencies for help with media buying, branding, and direct response campaigns.

As client needs vary broadly and grow rapidly, agencies need partners that pay attention, provide active support, innovate with the times, and don’t step on their toes.  Partnering with Impact allows agencies to manage their portfolios more easily with constantly innovating technology, a customer-driven product roadmap, and the flexibility and data they need to succeed.

Partner Marketing

We work with boutique and large-scale agencies alike to actively manage, scale and optimize your clients’ affiliate and influencer programs. Agencies migrate their programs to Radius because of the incredible flexibility offered in contracting and payments, the complete data transparency, robust reporting, and streamlined workflows that make their jobs easier and their efforts more fruitful. And because we rely on agencies (instead of competing with them) to provide the full suite of services to our shared clients, they appreciate being true partners and essential players in our ecosystem.

Expert Migration

With countless migrations under our belt, Impact is the expert in transitioning your portfolio and assets with minimal disruption and immediate cost savings. Even your least tech-savvy partners will find it a breeze to activate.

Granular Cost Control

Improve efficiency by rewarding partners based on value, anywhere in the customer journey. Pay according to product category, demographic, or other custom parameter. Tier payments by achievement, or cap spend as you test new partners.

Global Programs

Clients often manage their customer acquisition programs by region. Radius makes it easy to merge siloed programs, de-duplicate efforts, significantly reduce cost, deliver cross-region insights, and capitalize on the resulting synergies.

Ad Fraud Protection

As digital ad spend grows, brands are turning up the heat on agencies to help protect them against fraud, non-viewable ads, and brand-damaging placements. Forensiq’s machine learning algorithms keep agencies and trading desks steps ahead of bad actors, so they can execute their premium and programmatic media buys with confidence. Gain clear insights into the traffic quality for every line item in your media plan. We’ll flag even the latest types of fraud, so you can optimize your spend toward your true, verified audience.

Cost Savings

Invalid traffic can hit ad budgets hard. We expose the bad actors, helping you to only pay publishers for verified, non-fraudulent traffic. Reallocate your spend from high-risk to high-quality publishers, allowing you to better hit your clients’ reach and performance goals.


Forensiq goes beyond merely flagging suspicious publishers, by providing you a detailed reason behind each score, so you have the information you need to negotiate effectively with your suppliers.


Bots can spoof ad views, so it’s no longer enough to measure viewability alone. Forensiq allows you to measure beyond IAB standards and to customize your viewability metrics, so you can measure ads delivered to valid audiences and not to automated, spoofed, or emulated traffic.

Marketing Intelligence

Clients rely on you to manage their media strategies and buys. They expect strong results and full transparency into the numbers. But that isn’t always easy, especially if you’re managing only some of their marketing channels. Using Altitude as the marketing system of record lets you bring everything together for your client in one, easy place. Whether they are managing their remaining marketing channels in-house or through other agencies, all media buys and conversions can be tracked the same way (hello, apples-to-apples reporting!) and each party can easily pass their metadata for consistent, full cross-channel, cross-device journey insights.

Rich, Real-Time Analysis

Leverage a powerful reporting suite with trusted, real-time measurement of performance and spend across all channels, devices and platforms. Drill down for greater detail or build your own custom reports to tell your unique story.

Omni-Channel Insights

Use our attribution models to learn how customers engage with a brand’s media, wherever they may go on their path to purchase. By better understanding cross-channel interactions, you can deliver tangible results by optimizing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Workflow Flexibility

With a complete set of buyer journey data, you can make decisions by using our insights and attribution models or by sending the data to your own internal system for further processing. Alitude’s designed with adaptability in mind to satisfy any use case.

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